Ordinary Wizarding LevelsEdit

Subject: Ancient RunesEdit

Professor: Brandon SmithEdit

In your studies of Ancient Runes you learned how to roleplay practical excavation of Runes. For this test you will be given roleplay scenarios and you'll have to roleplay them out. You'll have to roleplay each scenario in at least a paragraph. Also, remember to add the category Ancient Runes. Brandon SmithGryffindorcrest (Owl me)

Part 1- Scenario OneEdit

In this scenario you are placed in the humid climate of Horcrux Cave. You need to use all your might to cast the Difindus Charm (Incantation- Difindo). The cave is made of extremely hard rock so, focus hard. And wathch out for Inferi. You see that the rune Fehu is in the middle of the rune picture. Give a meaning of Fehu in this roleplay. Be sure to roleplay this section in at least two paragraphs.

Part 2- Scenario TwoEdit

In this sceanario you are in the African Savanah surrounded by wild life and you are gettin ready to remove a rock with runes from the ground when a lion tries to come and attack you. Would you stop it? Would you take the rock and apparate away? What would you do? Upon closer inspection you notice a blank space and you asume that it is the rune Wyrd give the meaning of Wyrd in this roleplay. Be sure to roleplay this in at least two paragraphs.

Part 3- Senario ThreeEdit

For your final scenario, you will be in a castle crawling with dark wizards. You're under an Invisibility Cloak and you can't axcavate while under the cloak. You see a dark wizard is where you need to be to get the runes. Use the stunning spell to get him away and quickly excavate the runes before more dark wizards come along. Roleplay this sceanrio in at least two paragraphs.

Completed O.W.L.'sEdit

  1. Hayley Vaylenworth's 2011 Ancient Runes O.W.L
  2. William Jake's Ancient Runes O.W.L's

Grading ScaleEdit

You will be graded on your creativity in your scenarios. Each sceanrio will be graded individually and then be totaled into a complete grade.

  • If you do well on all three scenarios- Outstanding
  • If you do well on two of the scenarios- Exceeds Expectations
  • If you do well on only one of the scenarios- Poor
  • If you don't do well on any of the scenarios- Dreadful
  • If you don't do well on the scenarios and don't add categories or links- Troll
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