The current status of positions at Hogwarts


Deputy Headmaster/HeadmistressEdit

Gryffindor Head of HouseEdit

Ravenclaw Head of HouseEdit

Hufflepuff Head of HouseEdit

Slytherin Head of HouseEdit

Grounds KeeperEdit


Help Wanted


Flying Instructor/Quidditch RefereeEdit

Apparation Instructor Edit

Prof Jadyn Prince


Core ClassesEdit

Astronomy Professor Edit

Transfiguration ProfessorEdit

Charms ProfessorEdit

Potions ProfessorEdit

Defence Against the Dark Arts ProfessorEdit

Herbology ProfessorEdit

History of Magic ProfessorEdit

Classes Available to Third years and UpEdit

Muggle Studies ProfessorEdit

Divination ProfessorEdit

Ancient Runes ProfessorEdit

Available to any year ElectivesEdit

Art ProfessorEdit

Arithmancy ProfessorEdit

Help Wanted

Ancient Studies ProfessorEdit

Care of Magical Creatures Professor Edit

Ghoul Studies ProfessorEdit

Greek/Roman Mythology ProfessorEdit

Muggles Media Studies ProfessorEdit

Music Professor/Choir Conductor Edit

Egyptian Mythology ProfessorEdit

Help Wanted

Animagus ProfessorEdit

Duelling Club Leader(s)Edit

Muggle Arithmetic ProfessorEdit

Muggle Videos ProfessorEdit

Help Wanted

Drama ProfessorEdit

Wizards of the World ProfessorEdit

Available Substitute TeachersEdit