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  • Aquarius Burrow - Tutor: Starry Seabreeze

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A little about Hogwarts Student Tutoring: As a tutor, you are assigned a student. You can make a page where you and that student chat. Title it "Tutor's Name's and Tutoree's Name's Tutoring Page." This page will also be the place the tutor will assign work and comment on it. No grades or House Points, however if you think a tutored person is doing well, you may consult a Professor, possibly their Head of House, about giving a few points for their achievements. Tutoring work will be titled "Tutoree's Name's Tutoring Work: Assignment Name." If you are tutored, you will be given work and you will choose, with your tutor, when it is due. If you belive you have learned much with the tutor, you may stop and express your newfound skills! It states at the top of this page that only Third Years and up can tutor. This rule may only be bent if the first or second year has completed 10 tutoring assignments given by their tutor (former tutor, you cannot be tutored and tutor at the same time), is given special permission by Starry Seabreeze and an admin, and finally, is okay with tutoring only their year. Thank you, and WOWZA! Thats a lot of typing the word Tutor. :)

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