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Veronica Ambitio


4th of March






11" vine with unicorn hair. Vines engraved on it.






Black Panther



As an only child, Veronica lives to impress her parents. She wants to make them proud and so she spends a lot of time on her school work. Leanne and Frankie Ambitio want the best from her and she often feels pressured. However, she does have time for fun and enjoys hanging out with her friends!

Family Edit

Father - Edit

Frankie Ambitio comes from a pure-blood family, originally from Italy. He attended Durmstrang and moved to the France when he met his wife, Leanne, who attended Beauxbatons and they moved to the UK when the war was officially over. He has a strict manner and his daughter is no exception.

Mother -Edit

Leanne Francine Ambitio (nee Benjamin) is the daughter of Lucas and Gabrielle Benjamin (nee Delacour). She loves her daughter dearly but expects her to excel in many things to keep up the family name.

Aunt - Edit

Fleur Weasley (nee Delacour) often visits Veronica and they get on well. Fleur thinks that Veronica is under too much pressure to do well.

Other - Edit

Her mother's sister, Fleur, married into the Weasley family, therefore Veronica has cousins in this side of the family. This also means she is related to the Blacks, Malfoy's, Potters and many more families in the wizarding world.

Her father's cousin, Greta Krum (nee Schwap) married Marko Krum, and had a child by the name of Viktor.


She enjoys many subjects at school and hopes to become a well-known name in the future. Her favourite class is Defence-Against- The-Dark-Arts. Veronica tries her best in all of her subjects and hands in her assignments on time. She would like to become a Professor but her parents want her to work for the ministry. She has to choose whether to follow her parents wishes, or do what she wants.


Veronica also loves Quidditch. She is a good chaser and enjoys playing weekly to let out some energy. She is a big fan of the Holyhead Harpies and has been rooting for them for years!


Veronica has always had a liking for birds, especially since she managed to cast a patronus charm and has found out that her's is an eagle. Perhaps this symbolises her wish to be free (from her families influences) and have power.



The family name, Ambitio, is the Latin word for Pride. Her family try to keep themselves respected by the community - they aren't the typical 'pureblood maniacs' but they do have their traditions.


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